yeah, title.

so, what did i change?


the whole window thing

so if you were paying attention to my website (for some reason) you may have noticed that instead of lame, static buttons there are now cool, moving buttons.

my old non-window website, and then my new website that uses windows.

i had the old website since 2019. it wasn't hosted anywhere public, it was just on my computer.

ok so why the windows

wow! you want to know?

so back then in . . . apparently june i came up with the idea of recreating notepad.

now why i wanted to recreate notepad, i guess i had nothing else to do.

i made the window engine thing for it, and then i started trying to recreate notepad with it, and then i gave up on the notepad part.

if you care, here's the abandoned version of it. sorry if its broken in some way, wont fix it.

i then made a project that's just a bunch of random screensavers. (link)

it looks similar to the notepad thing, and thats because it uses the same engine and style.

after making those two things, i though "hey, what if i just made that my main website."

and then i started working on making it look "good".

after i did that, i put links to my projects in there. i even neocitified it by adding buttons and a webring. i used the hotline webring, and i somehow got the 2nd slot by chance.

the list of memebers in the hotline webring with me in second

now im getting a carried away, so im just gonna go on with the updates.


now there are multiple catagories! a big improvement over the old website.

old index of my webpage. the username klypank at the top and a single button labeled 'the hey page'.

so now instead of 1 single catagory there's now 5!

the main window. has these buttons (from top to bottom): Things i've made, Blogs, Links & buttons, Launcher, Hotline Webring

Things i've made

So now instead of it being called "hey" for whatever reason, it's now called "Things i've made".


uh, blogs.

Links & buttons

links and buttons


you can launch apps like settings . .  .   and a blank window.

anyways wow applications and stuff!

Hotline Webring

its a webring